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“I have been going to Michelle at nubare for three years and could not believe the changes to my skin! She knows my skin and has made it clear from the adult acne I had, it is smoother and the marks are gone now. I continue my treatments because my skin thanks me every time, plus what she has recommended for my skincare at home is great!”

The sun damage on my skin really bothered me so Michelle cleared it with a depigmentation mask and has prepared a program for me to continue this process, and I am so careful with sunscreen now as well thanks to her care.

So glad I found nubare laser and skincare because I struggled with ingrown hairs from waxing and shaving! There is nothing better than that baby smooth skin that you get from laser hair removal treatments. I love not shaving or worrying about growing my hair out for waxing, now it is gone!!


I am amazed at how good my skin looks and feels after this peel!  It’s strong enough that my results are undeniable:)
I will be continuing these treatments- can’t live without them now lol!