This is the "everything"  face treatment, customized for each skin type.   Foremost a classic facial but including everything from customized exfoliation peels, to high frequency, oxygen therapy and LED light treatment offering a very well rounded complete facial experience

TOP Facial    1hr

Custom Facial    1hr

Personalized facial specific to your skin needs, choosing from Top Quality Products to ensure you receive the best results.   Luxurious Japanese influenced face and shoulder massage and lymphatic drainage. Includes extractions and high frequency if needed.  

Natural Facial   1hr

A purely natural treatment facial using Eminence Organics and nubarenaturals products specifically to treat your skin concerns.   Also utilizing Japanese massage techniques and lymphatic drainage. Extractions included

Teen Facial    .5hr

A mini-facial focused on the needs of Teens!   Let ‘s clear up that complexion. Detailed attention on exfoliation, steam and extractions.   A Fun mask and you’re good to go. Also educating young people on effective home care is part of our service☺

Glow Peels

A variety of chemical peels are chosen from for your specific skin concerns.    Whether it be to clear pores and alleviate fine lines or to treat acne or pigmentation all can be done through the use of regular chemical peels-  Glow Peels!!

Intense Pigment Peel

A deep pigment mask is applied and left on for several hours, the skin will peel for up to a week and reveal much clearer even toned skin!   Also a homecare treatment is included.

Fire and Ice Red Carpet Treatment  35min

A signature Treatment from Is CLINICAL and Pre-Event go to for the Hollywood crowd!!  Indulge in a rich treatment mask that exfoliates and oxygenates the skin bringing a youthful glow to your complexion!  Then cool off and hydrate with the Ice mask drenching your skin in hyaluronic acid and a mixture of healing collagen stimulation botanically based ingredients.  

Skin is rendered baby soft and GLOWING!  

Bio Brasion Exfoliation and Serum Infusion

A unique Three Step process:

Peel:   A foam AHA/BHA peel is applied then the first pass of the diamond tip will exfoliate and suction all the dead skin and debris from your pores.

Target:  The second pass features a serum specific to your skin to penetrate ingredients deeper into the dermis for effectiveness.

Buff:  The final pass leaves the skin pure and POLISHED!

Micro-Needling Vampire Facial

The Eclipse Micropen is Health Canada Approved methodology  for automated micro needling to create micro injuries to the skin thereby causing a healing and collagen inducing effect on the skin.  By healing itself the skin produces proteins, collagen and elastin resulting in strong, smooth wrinkle free skin!


Dermaplaning is the perfect way to achieve smooth glowing skin.  It is an excellent pre-event treatment for luminous skin that makeup just glides over with perfection!   Dermaplaning is an exfoliation technique that refinishes the epidermis through controlled scraping of the skin with a surgical blade.   Dead skin cells, vellous hair and other imperfections are removed by this process leaving the smoothest, freshest complexion!

Vitamin C,  Collagen or Hyaluronic Infusion Masks

Add- on the treatments for extra deep infusion

LED Light Therapy  20 min.

Stimulate Collagen effectively or Reduce acne lesions and scarring with RED and BLUE light LED technology.